Skate 4 skips EA Play Live 2021 – New info today

No EA Play Live 2021 for Skate 4, the new chapter of the franchise announced last year, but the developers have promised to release new information today

A year has now gone by since Skate 4, the highly anticipated revival of the hit series, was officially announced, but since then the boys of Full Circle (the team behind the project) have not released any further information relating to the game. The enthusiasts hoped that, given the imminent proximity to theEA Play Live 2021, the title would be shown on that occasion, but it appears that the hopes must end up being ruthlessly disregarded.

Skate 4: no EA Play Live 2021, but new details will be released today

To shatter the dreams of all those who await the new chapter of the franchise, the same guys from Full Circle, who through the official Twitter profile of the production, have confirmed that their next work will not be present during theEA Play Live 2021. The event, which will be held during the week, therefore loses one of its most anticipated protagonists.

This is part of the message:

“It is still early days and we are focused on getting everything right, which means it will still take some time. Our main goal is not to rush the stages. “

That said, fortunately, the developers have promised to release something today, and while it could be anything, it’s nice to know that fans will get some updates on it. Certainly, according to the post, however, it should not be something extremely important, so it is good to keep expectations low.

Before saying goodbye, and inviting you to stay in the company of, we remind you that EA Play Live 2021 is scheduled for Thursday 22 July, and in the approximately 40 minutes of duration, space will be given to games such as Battlefield 2042, Apex Legends, e Lost in Random. Among the rumors related to the event we also have one dedicated to the revival of Dead Space, made by Motive.

Great absent, in addition to the new Skate, will also be the new games related to Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Star Wars, but if you want to recover the old episodes of these brands at a discounted price, on Instant Gaming you can find many dedicated discounts.