The Coalition: Gears developers working on a new IP

The developers of the Gears of War saga, The Coalition, would be working on a new IP. Let’s find out all the details in this dedicated news

After the excellent work and the great success with Gears 5 (and with the previous chapters of the famous saga), The Coalition is ready to try her hand at making one new IP. Do not worry, however, for fans of the aforementioned saga. A new chapter in the Gears of War series is sure to appear on the consoles of new generation, Microsoft side of course. To date, however, having nothing official yet, it is difficult, if not impossible, to estimate a potential release date. Less difficult, according to the latest rumors, to say that the development team is working on a new game.

The Coalition: a new multiplayer IP with Unreal 5?

Will The Coalition’s new IP be built with Unreal Engine 5 and will it be mainly multiplayer? According to the latest rumors, yes. The news comes directly from the LinkedIn profile of Pedro Camacho D’Andrea, the Level Designer of the team headed by Mike Crump. In fact, a post appeared on Pedro Camacho D’Andrea’s profile that reported how D’Andrea himself was working on a new IP from February 2021. This information was promptly removed from their profile but did not go unnoticed by some users who immediately proceeded to create one screenshot to post it then on Twitter:

To date, having clearly no official news, we cannot confirm or deny anything and, at the same time, it is difficult for us to hypothesize the nature of this new potential title. Of course, however, The Coalition appears to be one of the most dynamic software houses at the moment, thanks also to the excellent work done in the past and especially with the latest Gears 5. We just have to stay tuned and wait further news and updates hoping, this time, to have something official in his hands as well.

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