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Sony celebrates its 10th anniversary with the Alpha Mirrorless Full Frame camera

Sony is pleased to celebrate a decade of innovation in photography with the 10th anniversary of the camera series Alpha mirrorless full-frame. Over the past decade, Sony has increasingly pushed the boundaries of photographic technology, redesigning the industry and making cutting-edge tools available to photographers and videographers.

Main milestones of the Alpha Mirrorless Full Frame camera

The main stages of the Sony camera.

2013: The photography landscape was revolutionized with the introduction of the world’s first full-frame mirrorless cameras: Sony’s Alpha 7 and 7R. These pioneering models marked the beginning of a continuing evolution of the Alpha series.

2014: In less than a year, Sony introduces the “S” variant, setting new standards for low-light performance at high ISO settings and for 4K video recording.

2015: The Alpha 7R II, equipped with an innovative 42.4 megapixel back-illuminated full-frame sensor, continues to redefine the standards of photography.

2017: The Alpha 9, launched in 2017, offers continuous silent shooting without blackouts at an impressive 20 frames per second, giving sports photographers a competitive advantage over those who shoot with DSLRs.

2020: Sony announces the Alpha 7C, the world’s smallest and lightest full-frame camera. Unprecedented performance in a compact design.

2021: Alpha 1, the world’s first full-frame mirrorless camera that combines a 50.1 megapixel high-resolution stacked sensor with 8k video recording capability and more: a first for photographers and videographers, marking a new was into professional photography and videography.

2022: Alpha 7R V, the first Alpha camera with an AI processing chip for autofocus. The AI ​​processing unit uses detailed human silhouette and pose estimation information to significantly improve recognition accuracy compared to systems that only detect the face and eyes, including different types of subjects such as animals, vehicles and insects.

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The most beautiful shots in the interactive flipbook

To celebrate this milestone, Sony has curated a collection of the best images taken with Sony’s full-frame Alpha cameras over the last ten years. Explore this visual journey in the interactive flipbook. You can also take a look at the history of Alpha cameras with the infographic below, to see our groundbreaking Alpha timeline and which models created such amazing content.