Sony lancia una fotocamera per ipovedenti, proietta immagini sulla retina thumbnail

Sony launches low vision camera, projects images on the retina

To help ifvisually impaired otographers, Sony presented his new projection camera on the retina. Thanks to a collaboration with Neoviewer, this camera allows everyone to express themselves artistically with their shots.

Sony launches a retina projection camera for the low vision

Il kit Sony DSC-HX99 RNV combine camera Sony HX99 with a special viewfinder called QD Laser Retissa Neoviewer. Specially designed, this viewfinder projects a digital image onto the photographer’s retina.

In the retthe manufacturer of the Neoviewer, developed this technology with the aim of helping i 250 million people worldwide suffer from low vision. The company cooperates with ophthalmologists, orthoptists, opticians, schools for the blind and other professionals to create products that improve the quality of life of visually impaired people.

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The Neoviewer uses a low-power laser beam to project a crystal clear image directly onto the retina. This way, it avoids the common problems associated with using lenses to focus images.

Also, since the image is projected directly onto the retina, you don’t need to use corrective lenses to get a clear image, whether you are looking at something up close or from afar. In essence, the retina becomes the camera screen.

“Retissa Neoviewer’s laser retinal projection is a completely new technology that has been put into practice for the first time in the world,” says thel Dr. Mitsuru Sugawara, President and CEO of QD Laser, Inc. “With the DSC-HX99 Kit RNV including Sony’s digital camera, we hope that people who may have found traditional viewfinders difficult to use now enjoy taking pictures, broaden their range of activities and discover new worlds”.

To make this product more accessible, Sony is supplying the new kit for $600, in order to reduce part of the costs. In addition, Sony intends to collaborate with Japanese and American educational institutions that are involved in supporting blind people. He will present it at the CSUN Technology Assistive Conference 2023 in Anaheim, but you can find the information about the DSC-HX99 RNV already on the Sony website.