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Sony: smartphone photos better than SLRs by 2024

The CEO of Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS) Terushi Shimizu has clear ideas: the smartphone photography it will be better than single-lens reflex by 2024. According to the Sony executive, sensors for mobile photography are now at a level where overtaking is a matter of (short) time.

Sony: smartphone photos better than DSLRs by 2024

Terushi Shimizu he is President and CEO of Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS). It is therefore in the perfect position to analyze the comparative growth of smartphone and camera cameras. And his analysis is surprising.

The image quality of smartphones will surpass that of single-lens reflex cameras in 2024. And Sony G will show this perspective ”. The CEO did not go on to tell the details of how this overtaking will happen. But Nikkei reported some interesting details about it.

In the future, according to Nikkei, “in addition to increasing the diametercombining the new pixel structures of the technologia ‘pixel transistor a due layer’ and using artificial intelligence that can double the performance in shots in bright places ”. This could lead to exceeding the quality of single-lens reflex cameras for immortalized images.

It also appears that the ability to blur the background in video 8K and the measure of the distance ToF it should improve video performance as well.

But beyond the details, which remain rather vague and unofficial, the Terushi Shimizu’s statement is unbelievable. Sony produces many cameras in addition to sensors for smartphones: is there a risk that one of the businesses will replace the other?

The different optics of SLRs and other cameras will in all likelihood give an advantage impossible to recover for smartphones. But the difference is narrowing more and more, especially in some light conditions. Sony’s word.

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