La nuova Alpha 7R V di Sony, un'esperienza inedita di imaging ad alta risoluzione thumbnail

Sony’s new Alpha 7R V, an unprecedented high-resolution imaging experience

Sony he presented Alpha 7R Vthe new camera that combines the image sensor with the highest resolution in the Sony range it’s a new processing unit with AI dedicated to AI-based image recognition – making its debut in the Alpha line.

Sony’s new Alpha 7R V, an unprecedented high-resolution imaging experience

The new Alpha 7R V reaches i 61.0 MP in still photosboasts the 8-stop image stabilization most effective ever achieved by a Sony Alpha camera, 8K video recording and a new one 4-axis variable angle display.

Added to this are options of high speed communicationfunctionality of high level e simplicity of flow integration of work. The camera features AF with real-time recognitionthe latest generation autofocus that allows extreme accuracy and greater possibilities of recognition of the subject.

Innovative AI-based processing uses insights into the shape estimation and of position of the human figure to achieve major improvements in the accuracy of the recognitionovercoming systems that only detect the face and eyes.

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In addition to advanced AI technology, Alpha 7R V integrates many of the most popular features in Sony’s previous Alpha cameras:

  • Real-time Tracking affidabile;
  • Large and high-density autofocus system, faster and more accurate;
  • Quiet and vibration-free operation up to 7 fps;
  • Continuous shooting of up to 583 high-speed compressed RAW images.

Alpha 7R V also boasts focus options to support high resolution, including Full-time DMF and focus bracketinga very popular feature for obtaining images with various exposure levels.

Extraordinary resolution in the style of Sony Alpha 7R series

Alpha 7R V has been designed to guarantee aexceptional detail rendering. This is thanks to the latest version of the image processor BIONZ XR and al CMOS back-illuminated full-frame image sensor 35mm Exmor R, with approximately 61.0 effective megapixels.

The advanced image processor BIONZ XR ensures that the resolution potential of the camera sensor is fully utilized. This way you can set the sensitivity from ISO 100 a ISO 32000 for both stills and movies, with a wide dynamic range a 15 stops for photo shoots.

Among the other functions that make photo shooting more flexible we find:

  • Added Lossless RAW image compression and the ability to select the size and quality of RAW images;
  • Considerable extension of focus and exposure bracketing;
  • Creative Look settings for shots and videos right in the car;
  • High quality HEIF images with high compression efficiency;
  • Wide range of brightness for viewing on large screens.

Advanced video features

The camera is also equipped with advanced video features. The new camera is capable of shooting video in 8K 24/25 e video in 4K superchampionati da 6,2K senza binninga high-efficiency MPEG-H HEVC / H.265 codec, All Intra recording, 10-bit 4: 2: 2 recording and other functions.

It also includes a evolved system of recognition of the subject, Breathing Compensation and possibility to use i camera metadata in post-production. Alpha 7R V is also compatible with a selection of optics equipped with integrated image stabilizer, for even more still and natural shots.

The new Alpha 7R V will be distributed from November through Sony’s authorized dealers. For detailed product information, you can consult the official site.