Square Enix: another exclusive PS5 in the pipeline?

A new rumor speculates that Square Enix would be working on a further exclusive for PS5, not yet revealed so as not to obscure Final Fantasy XVI

Jordan Middler he recently starred in the reveal about the arrival of Ubisoft + on Xbox, but the news spread is certainly not limited to this. According to the insider, in fact, it seems that the relations between Sony and Square Enix are more solid than ever, with the Japanese publisher having another one in the pipeline exclusive aimed at PS5. If confirmed, it would be the third production, later Forspoken e Final Fantasy XVI, to see the collaboration between the two Japanese giants.

Is Square Enix working on a new PS5 exclusive?

If at the moment no official information has been released regarding the elusive game, the reason would be attributable to the delays that led to the postponement of Final Fantasy XVI, currently at the center of the plans of Square Enix, as Forspoken is now on the home straight. Middler however, he confirmed that the elusive game is not linked to the popular jrpg saga, nor to Kingdom Heart, and not even a Dragon Quest. However, according to the insider, it is a production that could shift the attention from the sixteenth final fantasy, reason why not yet Square Enix it has not unbuttoned itself in that sense.

Square Enix: another exclusive PS5 in the pipeline?

As for the exclusivity linked to this alleged PS5 production, Middler argued how Square Enix has limited itself to the console world, with the PC market therefore not being part of the agreements.

Obviously at the moment we are always in the field of unconfirmed rumors, but it cannot be excluded that a possible reveal could occur following the release of new information relating to Final Fantasy XVI, which were originally scheduled for late last year.

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