Steam Deck: Devil May Cry 5 on display in the new trailer

Capcom recently released a new trailer to advertise Steam Deck, arriving in February 2022, in which we can see Devil May Cry 5 in action, and it seems that the performance is really great

Since it was announced Steam Deck, the attention towards this portable console by the community of enthusiasts has so far been very high. Among the many news that have come out on Steam Deck so far (including the postponement of the release date to February 2022), was recently published by Capcom a trailer with which we can see Devil May Cry 5 to action on the Steam Deck. A little tease: As far as performance is concerned, the video was very satisfying.

Steam Deck: the trailer with Devil May Cry 5 shows all its performances

The Steam Deck trailer featuring Devil May Cry 5 released by Capcom is presented is presented as a gameplay to show the fluidity with which the game runs on the console. Overall, the performance and image quality look very good. The title hack and slash is optimized for gameplay a 60 FPS, but seeing the Steam Deck support it without any significant drop in quality gives an idea of ​​the capabilities of one portable console.

Valve had previously confirmed the dispatch of Steam Decks to developers to test their games, but they are also operating autonomously in the evaluation of the entire Steam library alone to ensure compliance with standards. Overall, this latest game trailer from Capcom demonstrates the commitment from the developers in optimization of your library for the new console from Valve.

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