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Tekken 8: the new gameplay trailer shows completely new mechanics

Bandai Namco’s iron fist hits hard: the gameplay trailer for Tekken 8 amazes us with a whole new battle system

As part of the Global Finals of the last championship for the predecessor, the blacksmiths who are forging the metal fist of Tekken 8 they surprised everyone present with a new gameplay trailer. The director Kohei “Nakatsu” Ikeda and the ever-jolly producer Katsuhiro Harada briefly showed off the new mechanics. The video also confirms the return of the sensual assassin Nina Williams, who ditched the wedding dress in favor of a more Resident Evil-esque leather look. The keyword with which Nakatsu and Harada have described the next chapter gives a good idea: we are waiting for a fighting game with character to sell.

Iron fists on the snout: the new gameplay trailer for Tekken 8 is on fire and flames

The gameplay of Tekken 8, according to the upper echelons of the creative team behind the new chapter, will in fact “aggressive” and the trailer makes it clear. The four elements (whether changed or new) of the game will be four: the Rage system, the recovery bar, the Heat system, and the style of the controllers. The first of the four variables we know from the sixth episode (plus a crossover), and allows players to corroborate their moves if cornered. The input to exploit the Rage it’s the same for all characters: “forward diagonally down, plus both fists.” We leave you with the video.

The recovery bar is new, inspired by similar elements from the Tag Tournament sub-series. Blocking or executing aerial combos allows you to fill a gauge with which, again, power up your attacks, in a way Nakatsu likened to adrenaline. The sistema Heat it improves both the defense and some abilities of the characters, also allowing them to use special moves. The two styles for the controller, finally, consist of as many types of different input. Players can choose whether to opt for “the authentic style” Arcadeor whether to take advantage of the easy commands of the style Special. “Each key has a recommended move for each fighter, turning the title into an action game.” While waiting for a release date, we also include it below complete presentation.

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