The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood: release date confirmed

Confirmation of the upcoming release date of The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood arrives from a Bethesda

The release date of The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood, the new chapter in the online game of Bethesda’s well-known fantasy RPG saga, has finally been revealed. The update guarantees 30 hours of gameplay, as well as a large number of original content related to the new Blackwood region. It will be possible to play it via Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 and PC.

The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood: Here’s the release date

For what concern PC, The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood è already available; instead, as regards the console, the release date of the expansion is set for the next one June 8. While Blackwood’s is an independent story, its events delve into the wider saga of Gates of Oblivion which will end at the end of 2021. In fact, among the exclusive contents provided there are also some world events, during which players will be able to return to venture into the land of Oblivion.

With The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood is also introduced the new Companions game system, designed to no longer have players venture alone during solo missions. Once unlocked via main story advancement, players will be able to choose between two new companions of which it will be possible to select the equipment and skills to be developed. Each companion has their own personality, preferences and some unique missions; you will also have to pay attention to how you behave, because your actions will influence the relationship with your partner.

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