The Mandalorian: here is the new Jumbo Figure by Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant Ltd has officially announced the new Jumbo Figure that represents the protagonist of The Mandalorian in a vintage version

A new Jumbo Figure is about to land in the collections of Star Wars fans. Gentle Giant Ltd has officially revealed the figure of the most famous Mandalorian in the universe in a vintage version. For the uninitiated, Jumbo Figures are nothing more than average high action figures 12 inches (about 30) e made just like vintage toys. Let’s see, now, in detail the statuette!

The Mandalorian: here is the new Jumbo Figure by Gentle Giant

With the latest version of the Star Wars Jumbo line, everything new is old again! Capturing modern Star Wars hero Din Djarin in a classic toy style, this new 12-inch (30.48cm) figure is a shared exclusive between and Gentle Giant Ltd Premier Guild. The company presents this brand new sculpture of the Mandalorian in its original armor, as it appeared at the start of Season 1, and comes packaged with its deadly amban rifle.

The figure and weapon come in a retro-style resealable blister, so you can hang it on the wall or take it outside and play with it! It’s just like when you were a kid, only older! Designed by Eamon O’Donoghue and sculpted by Gentle Giant Ltd, the figure will arrive this fall.

This figure is pre-orderable at at a price of $ 79,99. For sure, however, it will arrive in Italian stores like Zavvi, in which Darth Vader’s Jumbo Figure is present!

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