The new Google Pixel will have the front camera below the display

Il nuovo Google Pixel avrà la fotocamera frontale sotto il display thumbnail

For those who remember, 2020 was the year we first saw a smartphone with the selfie camera mounted below the display. The device in question was ZTE Axon 20 5G, which was immediately emulated by Samsung and Xiaomi in 2021. Now, however, also the new one Google Pixel it would seem to wink at technology of this type. In fact, Let’s Go Digital recently revealed a patent filed by Google at the US Patent and Trademark Office, in which a smartphone can be clearly seen with front cameras and sensors under the screen. Let’s go find out more.

Google Pixel fotocameraCredits: Let’s Go Digital

Google Pixel: The selfie camera will be under the display

Among the many rumors relating to the new smartphones in the design phase, here is a patent relating to a future model of Google Pixel. While we don’t know exactly which device it’s referring to, what is certain is the tech giant is working on a selfie camera positioned below the display. Clearly, this is only a patent, so it is not certain that Google will ever release such a technology. But we are sure that fans of the sector will be pleased even just the idea that this novelty may soon arrive on the market.

Indeed, considering that many companies are working on this technology, it is no wonder that the tech giant is moving to patent it. Yet, there would still seem to be quite a few problems for the construction of a front camera below the display. Starting with the reduced image quality, to move on to the difficulty of ensuring that the area above the camera integrates seamlessly with the rest of the display. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, for example, showed a sort of “fog” at the front camera, so it is clear that Google is also working to improve this detail. Will he succeed? We will find out in the future.

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