The story of Damiano Clemente, the mind behind DSQUARED²

Damiano Clemente, Senior Graphic Designer and Illustrator of DSQUARED², through his essential lines, tells the beauty of art on fabric

Design is a universe increasingly on everyone’s lips. Especially with regard to clothing brands, in recent years the fans continue to increase progressively. If at first the theme of design, in its purest form, was only dealt with by relatively few connoisseurs, with the explosion of streetwear there has been a general increase in involvement around this world.

One of the main brands of the Italian streetwear scene is undoubtedly DSQUARED². The company founded by Dean and Dan Caten (Canadian twins of Italian origins) has always been at the top, both in terms of the aesthetics and quality of its garments, and because of the important collaborations.

The story of Damiano Clemente, the mind behind DSQUARED²

What can be the dream of an aspiring Graphic Designer if not working within a reality like DSQUARED² to design prints, rather than graphics, which will be worn by hundreds of people? Well, Damiano Clemente is a designer of Apulian origins who has been active in the world of graphics for the past 14 years, currently Senior Graphic Designer of the brand of Dean and Dan.

Damiano Clemente, the mastermind behind DSQUARED²

After graduating in “Illustration and Animation” at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and numerous experiences in the artistic field, in 2012 the adventure of the Apulian designer began in DSQUARED². Damiano is now Senior Graphic Designer and Illustrator of the Milanese fashion house and, in addition to creating and researching the graphics, he carries out design work regarding fabrics and materials. In fact, many of his creations are highlighted on DSQUARED² garments which, given his technique, are undoubtedly identifiable.

The story of Damiano Clemente, the mind behind DSQUARED²

Damiano Clemente’s is a very particular style, which combines the essentiality of the lines with quite picturesque subjects, translating illustrations ranging from ancient Greek to modern art. His background in art and his passion and interest in various subcultures emerge in his work, weaving an intricate web of content that meets the interest of the contemporary public. As an artist he focuses his research on a few essential lines to impress the harmony of the body on the fabrics. A game of graphic strokes and colored brushstrokes, to define proud and austere faces. The beauty of Greek art translated into a modern key.