Tre libri da regalare assolutamente a Natale

Three books to give absolutely at Christmas

Three books to give at Christmas, for those who absolutely don’t know what to buy for their bibliophile friends who seem to have read every existing title

Natale it’s a week away, and gift latecomers can find themselves in a crisis, not knowing what to get their loved ones. Every year, then, the same dilemma arises for those who have reader friends: what to give to a person who grinds books and seems to have read them all? Here are five ideas for books to give at Christmas that -maybe- your bibliophile friends haven’t taken into consideration yet!

Books to give at Christmas: Eugenia by Lionel Duroy

Eugenia, published by Fazi Editore, has been out for four years and has not received the lustres of the windows it deserves, therefore excellent for those readers who let themselves be guided a lot by rankings and advertising. Eugenia grew up in IASI, in Romania, where as in the rest of the country in the 1930s, Jews begin to be frowned upon due to the growing anti-Semitism brought about by Nazi ideas. The same happens in his family, where both parents and older brother develop prejudices. When the Jewish writer Michael Sebastian (really existed) is violently attacked by some far-right militants during a conference, only Eugenia defends him, struck by an awareness of what is happening in Romania. Eugenia is determined to oppose it and therefore tries to survive in a country ravaged by war.

Eszter’s Legacy by Sandor Marai

One of the books to give at Christmas is undoubtedly this booklet published by Adelphi, a pearl of Central European literature written by the Hungarian writer Sandor Marai. for twenty years, Ester he lived a flat existence, but one day he comes back after years Louis, the only man I’ve ever loved. Lajos has the reputation of being a liar and a scoundrel, a person who exerts a charm on others that he always manages to deceive. Eszter knows that Lajos is back to take the only thing of value he hasn’t taken yet, and that she will do nothing to stop him.

Books to give at Christmas: The Winter Palace by Eva Stachniak

Varvara Nikolaevna was sixteen when she became a “protégé of the Crown”, in the service of the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna. The young man comes across one day in the conte Bestuzev, Chancellor of Russia and, according to rumors, a lover of the tsarina. In the young Nikolaevna, Bestuzev sees a possible bearer of the “truth of whispers”, the maid capable of being able to intercept all possible information that run at court. After instructing her, he therefore entrusts her with the task of keeping an eye on the princess Sofia Federica Augusta Anhalt-Zerbstchosen by Elizabeth as the consort of the crown prince.

So here are some ideas on bookish Christmas gifts to give, but if you still have doubts, here are three books to give to those who loved The Song of Achilles.