Umbria Libri: nuova edizione legata a San Valentino

Umbria Libri: new edition linked to Valentine’s Day

Umbria Libri is back from 10 to 12 February with its special edition Umbria Libri Love, totally dedicated to romantic love and the rediscovery of feelings

Umbria Booksa Terni festival linked to the world of publishing and reading, is back again this 2023 with an edition linked to the world of love: from 10 to 12 February, at the Municipal Library of Terni, theUmbria Books Love, whose main theme will be the love of a couple. In these days, the event will tell about theromantic love: why do we fall in love, what is the difference between love and falling in love, and how to overcome the transience of feelings typical of our age? This, and more, will be covered in the festival, creating an out-of-the-box Valentine’s Day.

The artistic director of Umbria Libri, Angelo Mellone, explained the reasons that led to the decision of an edition totally linked to the theme of love; stands out among all the need to give new weight to words and feelings, which are very often expressed improperly.

We confuse falling in love and love as if nothing had happened, we dress up little whims of bombastic terms, we debase meaningful words such as friendship, lovingness, loyalty to the rank of passe-partout to indicate anything pertaining to our affectivity, and instead the question of the emotional desert is one of the great dilemmas which, for example, concerns the new and very new generations. And therefore, this is the reason for a special, indeed very special, UmbriaLibri dedicated to the theme of love and, as I said, romantic love in particular: why we fall in love, how we fall in love, how we choose a person, why we decide to invest the our life next to a partner, because we make mistakes, because we repeat mistakes, because duration is the great absence in the age of presentism in which a story often lasts the time of a breath because we know that outside the door of our heart there is already someone waiting, and then someone still later, and so on.

Umbria Libri: new edition linked to Valentine's Day

Umbria Libri Love: the complete programme

The Terni event will begin on February 10 with the literary conversation Lolita’s lovesin which the writer Gabriella Genisi will introduce the colleague Andrew di Consoli. Presentations, interviews with the authors and practical workshops will follow from the following day, all related to love in its most particular facets: starting from love during the war, it will range with activities related to the youngest and more or less practical workshops; the interviews were also numerous. Also new is the award ceremony of the first edition of the Raccontami l’Amore literary prize, which will be held on the morning of 12 February.

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