WILD WILD GURU: the Story of Osho in the bookstore

From November 30th, WILD WILD GURU – Storia di Osho will be available in bookstores. The most controversial guru of the 20th century, written by Subhuti Anand Waight, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh ashram press office for 14 years

WILD WILD GURU- History of Osho. The most controversial guru of the twentieth century is the answer to the questions left open by the Netflix series Wild Wild Country. Published by Spazio Ininterno Edizioni, it will be available from 30 November at a price of 18 euros.

The story of the events of the spiritual mystic Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho), narrated by those who experienced everything firsthand. It is about Subhuti Anand Waight, former press office of the guru. He tells this fascinating story in a witty and sarcastic tone, full of puns, in full British style with his unmistakable humor.

«This book is unique among the contributions that Osho’s disciples have given to the world to tell about their life with the Master. Unique because the experience of Subhuti crosses a path that starts from the Pune ashram in ’76, reaches the abandonment of the body by Osho in 1990, and continues to the present day. Unique because for his role as press office it allowed him to live the historical part of the events of the experience with the Maestro. A historical part as complete as we had never known it ».

Thus begins the preface of Andrea Majidia Valcarenghi, founder of the famous counterculture magazine Re Nudo. And, indeed, this journey with Waight allows us to closely observe the events of the community, and to breathe the atmosphere in which the followers of Osho were immersed.

WILD WILD GURU: the Story of Osho in the bookstore

Who is Subhuti Anand Waight, author of Wild Wild Guru

Wild Wild Guru is also the story of a man looking for something that could transform his life. Fascinated by the “oriental” tales of friends and acquaintances, influenced by the “spiritual fashion” launched by Beatles after their trip to India which materialized in White Album, and seduced by the hippy ideologies of the times, he embarks on an adventure that will change his life.

Subhuti Anand Waight, writer, journalist and ghost writer, joined Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s ashram in 1976. For fourteen years he lived and worked in the commune created around him, first in Pune and then in the USA.

He then experienced firsthand the events that led to the creation of the city of Rajneeshpuram, the conflict with the locals and the arrest and deportation of Osho from the USA, remaining close to him until the guru’s death in 1990. He currently lives between the UK, Denmark and India.