XSplit Broadcaster review: the software for live streaming

Recensione XSplit Broadcaster: il software per il live streaming

XSplit Broadcaster is the XSplit home software that will allow us to go live in all simplicity. Let’s start our review and find out together

Every good self-respecting streamer needs a suitable program, especially streaming from PC, to be able to share his countless adventures. Offer the public one pleasant transmission no frame drops or small freezes due not only to a poor connection, but also to CPU overload is one of the main rules. It will not only be necessary to have a performing PC, but also a software for live streaming that guarantees us unparalleled performances and, above all, a lot of simplicity.

XSplit Broadcaster, OBS, VMix and Wirecast are just some of the software that will allow us to share our experiences. Today we are going to analyze in our review the XSplit house program that we learned about in the previous one review by XSplit VCam. To read it you can click here. How did this very professional looking software perform? Let’s find out together.

XSplit Broadcaster: The Easy to Set Up Live Streaming Software | Review

One of the main strengths of this program is certainly the simplicity of installation and configuration of the same. To install XSplit Broadcaster all you have to do is go to the official product page, download the .exe file and install it. After doing this, all we have to do is connect with our account and link ours Twitch page, YouTube or any other platform and give permission. The configuration will take place almost automatically, making it infinitely simple.

There will therefore be no need for special knowledge of the sector. Obviously the default configuration that is done automatically is the most suitable one according to the parameters of our PC. Each time we go to modify the components of our PC it will therefore be necessary to reconfigure everything, in order to make the most of the product. It will still be possible modify all the parameters according to our needs, but if you are not an expert I strongly recommend that you leave everything as it is.

In order to access all the functions present it will still be you must have a premium account. The latter may be purchased for a limited period of time or with a lifetime license. Both will then apply to both XSplit Broadcaster and XSplit Gamecaster and XSplit VCam, allowing us to take advantage of every product of the company to 100% of their potential.

XSplit Broadcaster: lightness and quality | Review

Another important feature of the software is its lightness. Although the encoding has a considerable load that will weigh on the CPU, however this weight will be lower than that of its other direct competitors, allowing the program to be lighter while giving us the same quality. To implement everything we will find numerous extensions that will allow us to enjoy an even better experience.

Thanks to the latter we can offer the public an even higher quality live show. For example, it will indeed be possible manage the program via the Elgato Stream Deck or select the various volume levels for each of our individual scenes to be able to give more prominence to our voice or the audio of the game according to our needs. It will also be possible to download other extensions to select other outputs, guaranteeing us one coverage on any streaming platform.

To make everything even faster and more dynamic it will be possible set up macros which will allow us to interact with the software without having to leave the game screen. A very useful setting, especially for those without a second screen. Another important function is to be able to record every second of the live. This will allow us to have a video on our PC that we can edit and share on other channels later, to make all our followers participate in our adventures. The files will be saved in a specially created folder which can be reached directly through the program.

The high quality of the transmission is also due to theexcellent redirection of the same to the best server available. When we start the live, in fact, the program will automatically search for the best server to connect to and only then will the broadcast start. All this will allow us to have a better connection based on the platform used, guaranteeing us one higher quality than other software of competition.

XSplit Broadcaster: Final Conclusions on Live Streaming Software | Review

We are now reaching the end of this review and it is time to take stock. The software turns out to be extremely professional and certainly packed with very useful and important options and features. Her lightness and that of its processes certainly make it an excellent product, highly recommended especially to those who do not have a high-performance PC that can manage game and live at the same time.

Although the standard version is well stocked, it is only with the premium license that the product expresses its true potential. Thanks to this license we will have many more options and we will be free from the various watermarks that can affect our final product. Although it is therefore a very professional program, equipped with many extensions that improve the work experience, the cost to be incurred can be prohibitive to non-working students.

That’s all for this XSplit Broadcaster review. We remind you that the product is available for free (with countless restrictions) for anyone who wants to try it on the official page, accessible by clicking here. In order not to miss further reviews and news from the software world and beyond, keep following the pages of techgameworld.com!

Points in favor

  • Light
  • Live of high quality
  • Complete and full of options …

Points against

  • … as long as you buy a license