YI M1: 5 reasons to choose it as a Christmas gift

YI M1: 5 reasons to choose it as a Christmas gift

Who among us does not have a friend or family member with a passion for photography? Today we at TechGameWorld.com will explain to you with 5 reasons why the YI M1 is a great Christmas gift

Always, giving a Christmas gift (and not only) to a photography lover is not a simple thing, especially if you are not familiar with the various lenses and types of cameras. Often you risk buying a camera that is not very competitive at fairly high prices, or some optics that cannot be connected to the camera body of the lucky one. With the YI M1 you will not have these problems and we will techgameworld.com we will explain with 5 reasons quite important why give this camera as a gift. Let’s go see them together.

YI M1: 5 reasons to choose it as a Christmas gift

1. Very affordable quality / price ratio

This is certainly the main factor that many keep an eye on. Surely it will not be at the levels of the various top of the range of other famous brands, but the very low price (both in the version with a zoom lens and in the kit including another fixed lens) and the quality of the photos taken they are certainly very popular, especially for beginners. The objectives we mentioned earlier are: a 12-40 f / 3.5-5.6 zoom and a fixed 42.5 f / 1.8. The zoom will be a valid companion for every day, guaranteeing a useful focal range and therefore different creative possibilities. The fixed focal lens will instead be an interesting plus. These comes with a very shallow depth of field to get photos with a natural blur effect and without software filters. Being forced to use a prime lens is also very instructive and allows you to grow. Composing a photo will be more challenging, but at the same time more rewarding. For what it costs such a kit is simply exceptional!

2. Ease of sharing photos

Another important aspect to consider, especially among amateur photographers, is the possibility to be known through the use of social networks that can enhance our shots. The connectivity of this camera, thanks above all to the dedicated Xiaomi app, will allow us to pass in the blink of an eye the photo just taken on our mobile to be immediately ready to share. Also, through this app, we will be able to remotely control our camera, thus having the opportunity to take wonderful photos even at a modest distance from it. Remote control via app it is not a feature to be underestimated, meanwhile, allows considerable savings by avoiding the purchase of additional accessories. Furthermore, by operating the camera from a telephone, it is possible to view the shot on the latter’s display in live view. This allows for the capture of shots from points of view that we could not have considered in the absence of this feature.

3. Strength and resistance of the machine body

The third of the 5 reasons to choose a YI M1 as a Christmas gift is definitely the strength and sturdiness of the machine body. From the first moment we have it in hand, we will notice a sense of security that we very often do not feel with other cameras. Despite being a fairly light camera body, it is very robust with all components firmly and resistant. This makes it a great product resistant to accidental impacts due to the lack of attention of those who handle it. Certainly it is not a tropicalized body like some more expensive cameras, but having no games and being robust as a construction it lends itself very much even for use in almost extreme situations. He had no problem with the humidity of lakes and waterfalls and not even with a few drops of rain. After all, you know, when you are looking for a shot, nothing can stop us.

4. High-performance and “intelligent” software

One of the favorite ways of an amateur photographer is definitely the panoramic one, especially when you go to admire any landscape of our splendid peninsula. How many of us, however, manage to take a clean shot without smudging due to the small movements that propagate from our body to the camera? Well, thanks to the high-performance and “intelligent” software with which the YI M1 is equipped, we can say goodbye to all these little smudges and we can finally make an overview. An overview that is on another level compared to the merge made by the phone and certainly better than what is obtained with free software by following guides without understanding anything of what we are going to do. A nice way to finally have beautiful souvenir photos that can also be printed in formats with 30 cm of short side without showing defects or noise (especially at low sensitivities).

5. Portability

The last of the 5 reasons to choose a YI M1 as a Christmas gift concerns the portability. While the most common cameras are quite heavy and bulky, this little mirrorless is quite light. In addition, its small size allows you to have a firm grip and the practical strap, given to us with it, allows us to hang it around the neck in complete tranquility. The lenses are also not very bulky. And among other things, there are also many. We have available all the objectives released for the “micro 4/3 consortium”. A great plus even if in the future the person you want to give a gift wants to expand their kit. The lenses supplied are among the lightest available on the market. This guarantees us of being able to always carry them with us, even in a small travel bag. After all, the best camera is the one we can always have with us.

YI M1: 5 reasons to choose it as a Christmas gift

Hoping these arguments have been useful to you, we still have something to add. A camera is usually a difficult object to give as a gift as a person’s tastes in this area are often very varied. There are those who love a particular brand and see all the others as absolute evil. Avoid this type of user for this gift! The right person, who will truly appreciate this Christmas present, is the beginner who has long wanted a camera, but hasn’t bought anything yet, always postponing the choice. He will be grateful to you because he will have a valid and complete product at his disposal. Yi M1 will make him live the famous “mess” by understanding problems that only catch the eye in the field. When and if the need is felt, he will be able to direct himself into higher-end products knowing, thanks to the experience gained, what to buy for his style!

If you want more details about this little mirrorless, I invite you to read our review by clicking here. If you want to have a painting instead of the experience of a photography beginner after a two-week trial, you can read about our “experiment” with the YI M1 by clicking here. For your purchases, on the other hand, you can find the related Amazon boxes (at the end of the article) of the version with one goal and the one with both. To not miss other news, specials, reviews and guides about the world of photography, keep following the pages of techgameworld.com!