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Best Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror Books – Ranking | March 2021

Do you want a read full of imagination or maybe that makes you jump from your chair? What are the best fantasy, science fiction and horror books to buy? Let’s find out in this ranking!

Better the stories of elves, those set in the distant future, or the tales of terror? Amazon comes up against us for the choice: here is a monthly list on best fantasy, science fiction or horror books best sellers on the well-known e-commerce, to never run out of imagination.

The Fantasy Tale – Best Fantasy Books

Fantasy is a literary genre that has developed between the 19th and 20th centuries, characterized by fantastic settings and characters, which often embody allegories and symbols that recall the values ​​of the historical period (and beyond).

The Science Fiction Tale – Best Science Fiction Books

Defined as a sub-genre of fantasy, science fiction instead develops throughout the Twentieth century. In this type of story we always find a large dose of fantasy, but the characters are totally different: men, robots, aliens … all set very often in the future or in a parallel reality. Italian science fiction author is undoubtedly Emilio Salgari, recognized in this literary genre especially for the novel The wonders of the two thousand.

The Horror Tale – Best Horror Books

Tales of horror (or horror, in English) are famous for arousing three main sensations: fear, disgust and horror. In them the fears of the individual are brought to the surface, destabilizing the reader and providing him with the sensations listed. The horror novel finds its origins in the gothic novel; to name one, the castle of Otranto of Horace Walpole.

Best Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror Books – Ranking

here are the 10 best books Amazon recommended for these genres, please let us know if you’ve read them and liked them.

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