Best illustrated books for children of June 2021 | Reading tips

Let’s go and see together the best illustrated books for children for the month of June. Three tips to entertain the little ones through reading

Reading, as we know, is important: it opens the mind, helps in language, relaxes, improves writing.

However, when it comes to reading to children, it becomes a bit more complicated because the educational aspect also comes into play.

Each age group requires various types of books. For the little ones, the illustrated books are the most suitable. Through images, the child is able to better understand and follow the story more carefully. Although, initially, the child may seem unable to understand it. Here then for you the three illustrated books for children, recommended for the month of June.

Best illustrated books for children of June 2021 |  Reading tips

Best illustrated books for children of June 2021 | Reading tips

How you feel today? by Molly Potter

Released in bookstores in November from 2017 How you feel today? is a tender book, which helps children to extricate themselves in the complex world of emotions.

There are twelve illustrated ones, including: fear, happiness, boredom, shyness or worry. Furthermore, for every kind of mood, strategies are provided to better deal with that storm of emotions still unknown to our little ones.

A small book of help both for adults, with a guide at the end of the volume, and for children.

Recommended age: 5 years

The seller of happiness by Davide Calì and Marco Somà

Happiness is the most important thing for everyone, so why not take advantage of it when they decide to put it up for sale? Mr. Piccione, our seller of happiness, takes care of this task by placing it in small jars but when, by chance, one falls on the ground the mystery is soon revealed: they are all empty.

On the other hand, isn’t this the secret of happiness? Nowadays everything has a value but to be happy it takes very little, indeed nothing.

Delicate register that leads us to reflect on the true meaning of being happy and how happiness itself can take on different connotations depending on the person.

Recommended age: 5 years

Wolf Erlbruch’s duck, death and tulip

This book is a classic, published for the first time in 2007. The author is one of the most important in Europe, winner of the Nobel Prize in children’s literature, and emphasizes a somewhat burning issue: the theme of death for children.

The story begins with the representation of a duck looking left and right, frightened. Arriving in front of a wall, she can do nothing but look death in the eye: a skeleton in slippers.

The whole book is based on the sensible fear of not knowing what will become of the world without us, on the sweetness that overcomes the fear of death. We must not flee but accept it as part of life because, according to Erlbruch, it is life that decides.

A simple book but capable of touching complex themes and giving adequate answers.

Recommended age: 4 years

Here we are, for the month of June, our advice on the best picture books for children ends here. See you next month!

Please, never stop reading to your children. Reading them books, books, fables and fairy tales is equivalent to educating them, preparing them for emotions, life and even suffering.

Moreover, it will serve to stimulate their intelligence, listening and observation. For the adult, on the other hand, by doing so, it will be easier to consolidate the emotional bond with their child. What are you waiting for?

Enjoy the reading!