Book Fair 2021: in Naples the first fair open to the public

The first book fair will propose meetings and events in presence, at the Royal Palace of Naples. In those days, appointments also in Salerno, Caserta, Avellino and Benevento

Will be held from 1 to 4 July the book fair promoted and financed by the Campania region. It is a restart project dedicated to Louis sepulveda, a writer who should have been among the guests of honor at the fair last year, but who left us due to Covid-19.

Book Fair 2021: in Naples the first fair open to the public

How did it start | Book Fair 2021

In 2017 the association is founded LiberArte with the aim of promoting reading in the city of Naples. The idea then materialized a year later in the first fair in the city. With this, we arrived at the third edition of Naples City Book.

The exhibitions | Book Fair 2021

The book fair will have as its theme “Steps”And will propose reflections and meetings between protagonists of the publishing world, journalists, essayists, storytellers and scholars. The stands will be 80 but they will not be limited only to the physical dimension. In fact, there will also be online events, come “Campania that reads”, A digital format dedicated to libraries and publishers from Campania.

Not only Naples | Book Fair 2021

And that’s not all! The fair will not stop at the Naples City Book but will also arrive in other cities and provinces: a truck will travel between Salerno, Caserta, Benevento and Avellino, reaching the squares and places placed in safety. It will be an itinerary enriched also by music and theatrical performances as well as appointments with publishers, authors or artists.

The book as a friend

An important moment, this, after the suspension of the previous edition, and certainly a small restart that bodes well. The recovery must concern all activities, even the editorial ones and, never as in this period, has the value of a book: a simple book that has been able to keep us company in the dark moments during the forced closure, a book like care, support. The books remained with us, locked in the room with our heads in our hands, wondering what would become of our future. Among their pages we have found comfort and help. Their importance was also recognized by the government which, during the second lockdown, decided to leave the bookstores open, allowing culture and entertainment to fill the days of many.

We just have to wait until the month of July to return to a much-desired normality, or pseudo-such, together with our books.