Book Fair: looking for a new director

Salone del Libro: si cerca il nuovo direttore

The Book Fair is close to choosing a new director for the two-year period 2024-2016. Among the fifty candidates there are popular names, but the choice may not arrive by the end of the year

Il Book Hall seeks a new director for the two-year period 2024-2026; the winner or the winner will replace the current director Nicola Lagioia, after a period of coaching. It is hoped to find a name among the fifty applications received by the end of the year, but the timing is not certain and the decision could take longer. The choice of director will come from steering committee, composed of the Torino Città del Libro association, the Circolo dei Lettori, the Piedmont Region and the Municipality of Turin. The city councilor for culture, Rosanna Purchiaaffirmed the willingness of the committee to arrive at a shared and discussed decision, stating that everyone’s goal is

Arrive at a shared choice. The task of those who have to decide is to find the best for our jewels.

Book Fair: looking for a new director

Book Fair: the names in the running

As already stated, there are about fifty names of possible candidates for the new managerial position, but among some of these there are some subjects in the running who seem to be particularly favored. Many focus on the writer Paul Jordanbut also on the writer and radio host Loredana Lipperini; also Giuseppe Culicchia, writer and consultant to the Book Fair, could be a favorite candidate given his experience in the event. Another prominent name is that of Elena Loewenthal, writer and teacher of the Jewish culture course at the IUSS of Pavia. Other popular names are Bruno Ventavoli of the Press, Oliviero Ponte Di PinoGarzanti editorial director for ten years and for the same number involved in the management of Bookcity Milano, e John Oliveformer regional councilor for culture.

The appointment of the new director could therefore arrive at any moment, in the meantime we advise you to kill time with a good book or comic, such as Akane-banashi.