Bookbeat: what it is and how to use the new audiobook subscription service

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In this article we will find out what it is and, above all, how to use the new digital subscription service for Bookbeat audiobooks

Let’s start with the basics, Book beat is a new digital subscription service for audiobooks. Through this service you can listen directly from the App are cellular o tablet all audiobooks available. The monthly fee is fixed, you pay one month at a time and you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. With a monthly subscription, you can enjoy an unlimited number of audiobooks within the month.

How was Bookbeat born?

In 2015 Bonnier Booksa leading publishing company in Europe, has brought together a team of digital innovators and literature lovers to create a new service that could be central to the audiobook market. Surely moved by curiosity and deep commitment to customers, they have achieved BookBeat.

How much does Bookbeat cost?

After the free trial period with unlimited listening and reading, your subscription will automatically become the paid subscription you chose when you created your account. You can choose from three packages the most convenient for you. Our account Basic at 6.99 EUR/month it allows you to listen up to 20 hours a month. With the account Standard for €9.99/month you can listen up to 50 hours a month and with your account Premium for €14.99/month you get 100 hours a month. You can switch between packages whenever you want. You can add more users for €4.99/month whichever package you choose.

Bookbeat: what it is and how to use the new audiobook subscription service

How does the Family Account work?

With a family account you allow up to five people living together to share it same account BookBeat. You pay only 4,99 € al month for each added profile. To start using the family account you just need to log in to your account, then from there you can easily to add o to remove profiles. As soon as you’ve added the profile to your account, you’ll be able to listen at the same time, and the whole family can save their books and view their archive. Each profile can listen to the number of hours included in the package.

Subscription method

In addition to the possibility of taking advantage of the first 30 days of free trial, three different subscription plans are available:

  • BookBeat Basic: you can use up to 20 hours per month
  • BookBeat Standard: you have access to 50 hours per month
  • BookBeat Premium: you get 100 hours of listening and reading

Here is the page to subscribe and start the 30-day free trial. Of course, you always have access to the entire catalog and can listen to it both online and offline. The prices for the different types of subscription can be found on first page of the website. No matter which membership type you choose, you always have the option to to add as far as 4 extra profiles to your account. Any profile can use the same amount of hours included in the type of subscription.

What do you think of this new service? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading to stay updated on the latest news and more.