Books to read in May 2021 | Reading Tips

The best books to read in May 2021. Let’s find out together the best titles to accompany the month that has just begun

May has just begun, but that only means one thing: summer is coming! The days get longer and the temperatures rise, and for every reader this means a change of location; no more books in front of the fireplace and with the cover, rather a good novel in the sun, even better if in the garden. So here are our reading tips on best books to read in May.

Changing the water to the flowers | Books to read in May

Novel by Valerie Perrin, Change the water to the flowers it is undoubtedly the revelation of recent months. If you happen to follow literary pages and groups, no doubt you have come across this novel. The plot tells of Violette Toussaint, guardian of a cemetery in a town in Burgundy. Violette lives alone after being abandoned by her husband, and for the sad visitors of the cemetery she has now become a point of reference for everything, whether it is a consolation or the simple purchase of flowers. One day a policeman arrives at the cemetery with a bizarre request: his mother is dead, and as a last wish he asked that his ashes be buried together with an apparently unknown man.

We recommend reading Cambiare L’acqua ai fiori to anyone who wants an intimate book full of emotions; the novelty of the moment does not always deserve the glory it receives, but this time we have in our hands a book that deserves.

One Hundred Years of Solitude | Books to read in May

This month we also propose a classic, specifically One hundred years of solitude of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Great work of realismo magicor, this book tells of the seven generations of the Buendia family. The family lives in Macondo, an imaginary city in Caribbean Colombia where reality and fiction are divided by a line so thin that it is almost imperceptible. In fact, in this magical world there is no demarcation between living and dead, and even Marquez’s writing will help transport you into a confusing, almost dreamlike reality.

We recommend this book to those who are not afraid of running into a demanding reading and want to know more about Latin American literature.

Attack on Titan | Books to read in May

The manga of Attack on Titan ended this April, and for this reason it is on everyone’s lips, between emotions and inevitable controversies. Therefore, those who still belong to those few who have never taken the title of Isayama, will not be able to help but wonder: is it worth it? The answer can only be yes. Attack on Titan is the media phenomenon of the decade, the kind of manga that manages to interest even an absolutely non-otaku audience. Because it is a story, in spite of the giants, real, of lights and especially of shadows. A mirror of what we are in which it can be difficult to reflect, but for this very reason of inestimable value.

Are you a follower of the anime looking forward to next season? Are you skeptical because of the media coverage of the title in the mainstream channels? In both cases, stop the delay, and give this manga a chance, which is already a classic.

These are our reading tips for the month of May, we look forward to seeing you next month for the first summer reading tips! If you missed last month’s tips, hurry up and read some of the best books to read in April.