Books to read in September 2021 | Reading tips

Here are the best books to read in September 2021 chosen by the editorial staff of the Library section of Let’s go and see together the two books and the comic recommended this month

Welcome September, welcome back routine, goodbye holidays! Summer is practically over, and each of us resumes with his autumn chores waiting to dive back into the weekly routine. Here then are the reading tips back after a summer break, to help you get back into the rhythm in the company of a good book, or a comic. Here are the best books to read in September 2021.

IT | Books to read in September 2021

The masterpiece of Stephen King, despite the exaggerated length, it can be an excellent companion to get back into the routine, as its horror and scary theme will take you away during the reading period from the repetition of daily actions.

In 1957, after almost twenty years of sleep, he wakes up in the sewers of Derry – a fictional town of Maine – a strange shape-shifting creature, which takes the form of a clown Pennywise and kills a child. From here the adventure of seven friends, called i Losers, that after each having an encounter with this creature will try every way to defeat it.

Reading IT is highly recommended if you are a horror lover or want a book that will keep you glued all night (also because, while reading, you can rest assured that you will not sleep in fear!)

We have always lived in the castle

Mary “Merricat” Katherine e Constance Blackwood they live – almost as a recluse – at the gates of a village together with their elderly uncle Julian. Merricat is the only one who goes to the village twice a week to supply the house with provisions, suffering apparently unmotivated hatred from the villagers; Julian and Constance, on the other hand, have not left the house for six years: the first obsessively writes his memoirs, the other looks after him by living a solitary and isolated life. The reason for the imprisonment of the three members of the Blackwood family is explained in the novel.

This book of Shirley Jackson it tells a particular story, in which the two sisters live as if they are out of this world, not totally aware of what is happening around them; a book recommended for those who want to dig into a story.

BUZZKILL | Books to read in September 2021

We are in the era of deconstruction of the superhero genre: From The Boys to The Umbrella Academy, heroes have never been so irreverent and controversial. Less well known than the previous titles, but by no means inferior to them, is Donny Cates’ Buzzkill.

Buzzkill is the story of Ruben, which seems to have already come to an end, with him completing a detoxification process. For Ruben, however, this means giving up his superpowers, which come from the heavy consumption of alcohol and other drugs… without being immune to the side effects.

Substance abuse prevents Ruben from even remembering his superhero exploits, and devastates his private life. However, cleaning up means exposing yourself to threat of supervillains that our protagonist has shot down in the course of his career. We find Ruben’s life in ruins, and gradually discover the story of his inevitable fall. Impossible to reconcile such uncontrollable power with a healthy private life, but perhaps one can be found compromise and get up.

In a short but intense series, Cates e Reznicek they tell us about a superhero scenario in which the common man can identify all too well: superheroes not with super problems, but real problems. We hope to see their second job in Italy soon, The Paybacks.

Here are our reading tips to better immerse ourselves in this September 2021! If you want a book with more oriental themes, here is also an article on the best books dedicated to Japanese culture.