Canon ed EMERGENCY insieme per la mostra fotografica dedicata al Centro pediatrico voluto da Gino Strada thumbnail

Canon and EMERGENCY together for the photographic exhibition in Uganda

The exhibition includes 35 shots, printed with Canon technology, which will be exhibited until 10 January 2022 at the Emergency headquarters in Giudecca.

Canon and Emergency for the Scandalamente Bello project

Canon is officially Digital Imaging Partner of “Scandalamente Bello. The EMERGENCY Pediatric Surgery Center in Uganda “. This is an exhibition that tells the design, construction and activity of the hospital in EMERGENCY in Entebbe, designed by Renzo Piano and strongly supported by Gino Strada. The exhibition consists of an exciting journey, which tells all the stages of the birth of this important pediatric hospital. A series of shots that testify to the incredible work that doctors and nurses carry out every day to assist and treat young patients. To date they are about 1,185 those visited, of which 319 were operated on.

An exciting story that comes to life through the photographs of Marcello Bonfanti, Emmanuel Museruka, of the EMERGENCY Archive and of the Archive TAMAssociati. But not just photos: also the texts by Gino Strada and Renzo Piano, the design sketches, models and samples of the materials used. There will be testimonies of those who worked on the project before, during and after the birth of the center.

Canon, as the show’s Digital Imaging Partner, provided the latest technology for photo printing. In fact, thanks to the flatbed printing system of the Arizona range, it is possible to give the viewer the maximum fidelity in the reproduction of the shots as well as the emotional intensity contained in them. All this manages to give life to an engaging story made up of incredible people and places. All admirably designed in the Studio + Fortuna exhibition project.

“We have always supported initiatives of high cultural and artistic value with our Imaging ecosystem to transform exhibitions into real” experiences “through which the visitor becomes the protagonist of a world told with images as well as words”, he commented Paolo Tedeschi, Corporate Communication Senior Manager of Canon Italy. “This is a humanitarian project of inestimable value, which brings us closer to a reality that needs the support of all so that many children can receive the care they need and above all the right”.

The EMERGENCY Pediatric Surgery Center in Uganda

The EMERGENCY Pediatric Surgery Center in Uganda was born from the will of Gino Strada and from his friendship with Renzo Piano who designed it. The main objective of the Center is to provide free, quality pediatric surgical care to children under eighteen and its opening pursues the project of creation of a health network of excellence in Africa, ANME, which also includes the Salam heart surgery center of EMERGENCY opened in 2007 in Sudan.

The entire project of the center was carried out pro bono by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop studio, in collaboration with TAMassociati and the EMERGENCY Building division.