Canon Italy: President Massimo Macarti retires

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A brilliant career that of Massimo Macarti, who from the new year will leave the presidency of Canon Italy to Andrea Di Santo.

Massimo Macarti says goodbye to Canon Italy: Andrea Di Santo will succeed him

Important changes in the upper floors of Canon Italy. Massimo Macarti, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman since 2017, has decided to retire and at the same time to start a period of coaching and transition. This will end with the appointment of the new Chief Executive Officer Andrea Di Santo.

Macarti’s was a brilliant and solid professional career, which began in 1991 in the Service area and culminated with his appointment as President in 2017. A career that has led him to cover roles of increasing responsibility at national and European level. Wide-ranging professionalism and skills, built by operating in multiple corporate functions. From the Italian Service & Support department to the head of the Marketing department to then reach EMEA responsibility in the London office.

An invaluable wealth of experience that allowed him to guide Canon Italia in the best possible way in one of the most complex historical periods. The entry into Canon Italy starting from the new year of Andrea Di Santo, a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s in Healthcare Management, marks the beginning of the coaching path that will end with the definitive change at the top.

Di Santo has gained important professional experience in various leading companies, covering roles at national and European level. In this sense, we highlight his work for brands such as Siemens Healthcare ed Hitachi Industrials. Furthermore, it boasts proven strategic leadership skills together with solid and extensive industrial relations, the result of consultancy activities and participation in various Boards of Directors.