Credunt review: a quick thrilling tour

Review of Credunt, one of the latest works by the young Italian designer Nicolò Rimerici, aka Nicori. Let’s find out the pros and cons of this work together

They believe is one of the latest works by Nicori, stage name of Nicolò Rimerici, a young Italian designer who wants to make drawing his main activity. In recent months we have interviewed Nicori for you, in order to introduce you to the way an artist works and how this world presents itself in the Italian scenario. Today we want to offer you the review of Credunt, to show you the life of an artist also through his works.

Credunt review: a quick thrilling tour

A silent tale | Credunt review

The greatest peculiarity of Credunt is undoubtedly the have no dialogue. Our illustrator has in fact decided to produce a silent narrative path, so the reader will be totally immersed in the narrative and decide how to interpret it.

The pages of this small volume -28 including the covers- tell of a celebration of black magic nocturnal in a church, where the characters (the members of the sect who participate in the rite) are represented as caproni and horned animals in general. The narration of the events develops totally in the church and in its immediate surroundings, all seasoned with thrilling moments.

A smiling symbolism Credunt Review

In the work produced by Nicori the very great is undoubtedly appreciable symbology what colors and characters represent: throughout the story, i dark colors of the magical celebrations remain redundant even in the “lighter” parts of the narration, recalling the continuous dark tension that hovers in the air; another note to underline are the eyes of the characters: round and quiet for the good ones, pointed for the negative ones. In short: if the colors and appearance of the characters fail to make it clear which side they are on, the physiognomy of their faces will undoubtedly help!

Credunt review: a quick thrilling tour

Brilliant idea, (perhaps) too short

Through Credunt, what I feel like saying about Nicori is that, without a doubt, we are dealing with a guy full of ideas and with desire to do; Credunt was a very pleasant job to scroll through and contemplate, especially for the use of colors, which in my opinion have been used masterfully and have, together with the rest of the tables, replaced without difficulty the use of dialogues. Scrolling through the story, you will hardly miss the comic or the caption.

The only flaw, however, is the length: Credunt is certainly an idea well structured and thought out, it would have been nice to have a few more tables, in order to structure the story in a more articulated way and to lengthen the narrator’s mental narration.

If Credunt has convinced you, the advice we give you is to go to Nicori’s official Shop, choose which format you prefer – paper or PDF – and leave a donation (in fact you will decide the price of the work) to get a copy.

Italy boasts promising and capable young people, let’s dedicate ourselves to them too!

Points in favor

  • Good use of colors
  • A good opportunity to meet an emerging artist

Points against

  • A longer narrative would have been very enjoyable