Dandadan arriva su Jump+ | Jump Highlights

Dandadan, the occult manga of the newcomer Yukinobu Tatsu, is already a success, and moves to Jump +, available on MangaPlus. A romantic comedy with a strong combat and supernatural injection, which will captivate you

After that, two weeks ago, Shueisha he transferred from Young Jump Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible by Nene Yukimori, another manga finds a new home on Jump +. It is about Dandadan, the work for the real debut of Yukinobu Tatsu.

After working with Shueisha on small projects, Tatsu proposed this particular shonen comedy, which immediately became a great success with the audience. The author was an apprentice below Tatsuki Fujimoto (Chainsaw Man) e Yuji Kaku (Hell’s Paradise), and certainly from them he learned to express himself without fear. However, it does so with a more modern and fresh trait of mentors.

Now, with the move to Jump +, Dandadan is available for free to read on the MangaPlus website. The work is available in its entirety, with 23 chapters, but still for a little while. After that, as usual, only the last chapters will be available for reading.

Dandadan arriva su Jump+ | Jump Highlights

The crazy story of Dandadan

Ayase she is a girl with a passion for the occult, who believes in spirits. Her grandmother, the only remaining family member, is a medium, and since childhood the girl has been marginalized by her peers.

Takakura, a schoolmate, on the other hand, believes in aliens, and considers everything related to spiritism a lie. The meeting between the two is chaotic and conflictual, yet a spark is clearly struck. In a challenge to see which of the two is right, the two will indeed end up in contact with supernatural entities, and will not be peaceful encounters. Between classic urban legends, such as the “turbo-granny”, and alien abductions, the duo will have to fight for their lives, and, in the meantime, get to know each other.

An atypical romantic comedy, which is not afraid to exaggerate from the first chapter. A strong combat component completes the picture, creating a work that will undoubtedly entertain many. After having already broken many records, thanks to the transfer to the digital magazine we will certainly see the popularity of this sparkling manga grow.