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Fujifilm instax: gifts on promotional cameras

By 7 January 2022, by purchasing a model from the Fujifilm instax range in promotion, you will be able to win a 200 euro gift card, which can be spent at Decathlon, Ikea, Marionnaud, Zalando.

Fujifilm instax: the gifts are triggered!

Fujifilm’s instax range has always been synonymous with convenience, fun and sharing. For this Christmas, the gift will be instax to do it to gratify those who choose to shoot and print with some products of the range. FUJIFILM launches in fact Instant Win, a prize competition for final customers, adults, with immediate recognition of the winnings. FUJIFILM is giving away gift card worth 200 euros, to be spent in one of the shops of your choice between Decathlon, Ikea, Marionnaud, Zalando.

To participate in the competition, you will have to buy by 7 January 2022 at the physical sales points in Italy and in the Republic of San Marino or through their e-commerce sites, which market, in whole or in part, the items that are part of the promotion and which advertise the Instant Win contest.

Just register on the site, by entering the personal data requested, e-mail address and those of the purchase document. You will also need to specify the gift card you would like to win. The purchase document must fully, clearly and unequivocally indicate the brand and description of the item purchased (or the EAN code of the related item). Following the insertion of the data and the choice of the type of prize, the software will start the random procedure for assigning the prizes to be won. The positive or negative outcome will be communicated immediately on an ad hoc page of the site.