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Insta360 X4: the new camera for 8K videos

The revolution in the world of 360-degree videos has arrived with the latest innovation of Insta360: the Insta360 X4 camera.

This cutting-edge device promises to transform the content creation landscape with its ability to record video in 8K, offering unprecedented visual quality. But the X4 doesn't stop there: it also supports the registrazione in 5,7K a 60fps e 4K a 100fpselevating the viewing experience to extraordinary new levels.

Insta360 X4: main features and price

The distinctive feature of the X4 is its flexibility: It can switch between a 360-degree camera and a traditional action camera with a simple mode change. The mode Single Objective has been improved to support 4K a 60fpswith a maximum view of 170°, allowing users to capture the action from every angle.

The beating heart of this machine is a latest generation 5nm AI chipwhich, together with an intelligent control system equipped with Voice and gesture controlmakes using the X4 intuitive and accessible to everyone.

Insta360 X4 video camera features price 1Insta360 X4 video camera features price 1

Battery life is significantly extended, reaching i 135 minutes of battery life, thus ensuring long recording sessions without interruptions. The X4 is also equipped with Removable Protectionsa novelty that offers solid and reliable protection, ensuring peace of mind during the most dynamic shooting.

JK Liu, the founder of Insta360, underlined the importance of 8K in content production: “8K represents a turning point for content creators, as it allows maintaining high quality even after reframing, comparable to that of traditional cameras. Liu also pointed out that the X4 is designed to be rugged and user-friendlysuitable for creators of all levels.

The Insta360 X4 is available for purchase starting today – April 16, 2024 – on, Amazon and at selected retailers, al price of €559.99.

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