Kojima’s Death Stranding becomes a book

The J-Pop publishing house brings to Italy the paper version of the video game Death Stranding, the latest masterpiece by Hideo Kojima. Two special edition volumes to retrace the history of Sam Porter Bridges

Hideo Kojima, the creator of the saga of Metal Gear Solid, is perhaps one of the best known and most eclectic video game creators on the scene. He made no secret of having always had the dream of being a director, before the game director.

His vision over the years has increasingly refined, and two years ago Kojima brought us Death Stranding, a work that has been talked about a lot, and still continues to be talked about today. With a kilometric playing time of cutscenes and a cast with actors of the caliber of Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen e Léa Seydoux to give voice and face to the characters, it is evident how the line between video game and film is increasingly blurred.

There is even the extraordinary participation of the director Guillermo del Toro, with whom Kojima would have worked on another project for a period, Silent Hills, now apparently abandoned.

So it’s no wonder that Death Stranding has now become a two-volume novel. Sam’s story can now be followed with a closeness to his thoughts like never before.

Kojima's Death Stranding becomes a book

The history of Death Stranding as you have already seen it

The author of the work is Hitori Nojima, pseudonym of Kenji Yano, former author of the Metal Gear Solid novels and therefore an expert in Kojima’s work. In this new test, he tells the story of Sam Porter without departing from the plot of the video game.

Despite the absence of new plot ideas, being able to retrace the steps of the courier without the unforeseen events due to the gameplay allows us to experience them in their purest form. But the most important thing is another: in the book we have access to the inner thoughts of Sam and the other characters, taking the story to a new level of depth.

The special edition of J-Pop, identical to that of Japan, beyond the box it does not provide any extra content. A product therefore reserved for fans, who loved the story of Death Stranding as it is. And they are not few.

With the rumors of a sequel never completely quieted, perhaps it is appropriate to review this masterpiece, waiting for the next news of the master.