My Hero Academia: Kurogiri is free | Jump Highlights

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The field of the final battle of My Hero Academia is transformed due to Kurogiri entering the field, frustrating the heroes’ strategy. Jump this week offers Ichigoki’s Under Control!!, Seiji Hayashi’s new gag manga

Present Mic failed to stop Spinner in time: Kurogiri has been freed, and now, with his teleportation power, the heroes will no longer be able to keep Shigaraki, the All for One and the other villains apart.

Like this, Like, who seems to be standing only by a miracle, escapes his brother Shoto and finally finds himself facing his father. He is not alone: ​​too Himiko Toga she is brought to the same battlefield, in the form of Jin Bubaigawara, thanks to her power. Hawks he therefore finds himself facing the face of the villain he killed.

Worst of all however is that Kurogiri, trapping Mic, arrives at the arena where Midoriya is facing Shigaraki. By attacking Aizawa’s group, now the powers of the All for One can no longer be blocked.

My Hero Academia it moves towards the climax preceding the conclusion of the work, continuing to reserve surprises. Although the setup of the arenas was rushed and a bit clichéd, the emotional charge that characterizes the work remains very high. As always, you can read the latest chapter in simulcast on MangaPlus.

My Hero Academia: Kurogiri is free |  Jump Highlights

Not only My Hero Academia: first impressions of Ichigoki’s Under Control!!

Ichigoki he grew up with his friend Thought, until she got too bizarre with her crazy experiments. The girl has a genius out of the ordinary, but not accompanied by wisdom, and she always ends up causing trouble.

This time the problem is serious: Ichigoki was brought to his death by a crazed gorilla, and Misao, to save him, transformed him into a cyborg. Having herself had a problem with a medicine that shrinks the body, she opted to become the pilot of the boy-cyborg. Now, Ichigoki must try to hide the nature of her, but the careless pilot will make everything complicated.

This week Shonen Jump offers a new gag manga, created by Seiji Hayashi. The author is presented as having been active for several years, but with only two works behind him, both short-lived gag manga.

The new title presents itself as the most classic of Japanese manga gags with an absurd humor theme. It does little or nothing to stand out in the magazine landscape, which has seen similar “low effort” works appear and disappear rapidly over the past couple of years.