On Pokémon UNITE comes Espeon: let’s find out its moves

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From now Espeonand his devastating moves, is available on Pokemon UNIT. Players will be able to obtain the United Espeon license without necessarily consuming Heos Gems. In fact, an event is underway until June 12 that will allow players to score 2,000 points, enough to obtain the United Espeon license. To participate in the event, just jump into the fray and win the fights, until midnight on June 12, 2022. At that point the Esperon Unire license will be made available in the Fighting Unite Association shop in exchange for 10,000 Heos Coins. Additionally, you can receive Espeon’s Unite license at any time at the Unite Struggle Association store in exchange for 575 Heos Gems.

All of Espeon’s moves on Pokémon UNITE

Espeon it’s a Long range attacker, characterized by powerful moves. Obviously at the beginning the Pokémon will start the games as Eevee, evolving into Espeon at Level 4. Eevee takes the field with the ability Omen, thanks to which it avoids and becomes temporarily immune to obstacles. When Eevee evolves into Espeon, his ability becomes Magispecchio, which has the same type of Omen effect against obstacles. In addition, Mirror Magic deals damage to opponents who have tried to create an obstacle and temporarily reduces their movement speed. Some time must pass between activations of both of these abilities. Here are all the moves:

Level 1 and 2: Eevee can learn commits e Roar.

  • commits attacks the opponent with star-shaped rays of light, dealing damage.
  • Roar instead it attacks the indicated opponent, dealing damage and temporarily reducing their movement speed.

Level 4: Eevee evolves into Espeon and you can transform Comet in one of the following two moves: psychoshock o Carrying force.

  • psychoshock allows Espeon to materialize psychic rays and hurl them into the indicated area, inflicting damage on opponents and temporarily reducing their movement speed. If an opposing Pokémon is hit by all Psychic Rays, it becomes temporarily unable to act. If the move is empowered, the speed of psychic rays increases.
  • Con Carrying force Espeon unleashes waves of psychic power on random opponents within the area of ​​effect, dealing damage and temporarily reducing their movement speed. Espeon accumulates up to five waves of psychic power one at a time after a certain amount of time or after the opponent is hit by an empowered basic attack. After using the move, the Pokémon’s movement speed temporarily increases. When upgraded, Force Vehicle deals additional damage to opposing Pokémon with a low percentage of HP remaining.

Level 6: Roar can become one of the following two moves: Psybeam o Divination.

  • Psybeam allows Espeon to cast a beam of light in the indicated direction. If it hits an opponent, the beam splits to hit and deal damage to other opposing Pokémon in the area of ​​effect. The higher the HP of the first Pokémon hit, the greater the damage done by the split beams. Also, if the Pokémon hit by the first beam has decreased movement speed or can’t act, these same effects will also apply to other opponents hit by the split beams. If the move is empowered, it deals additional damage to opponents who are unable to act. If the beam splits and hits further opponents, opponents hit and rendered unable to act will take additional damage.
  • When Espeon use Divination, targets an opponent and, seconds later, deals damage to opponents in the area of ​​effect around the targeted Pokémon. Deals more damage to opponents the lower the target Pokémon’s HP. While Espeon is targeting the opposing Pokémon, all his moves focus as much as possible on the opposing Pokémon. Whenever the moves hit, Divination’s cooldown is reduced.

If the targeted opposing Pokémon is Knocked Out before taking damage in the area of ​​effect, PsyShock or Force Vehicle become available in their enhanced version for a while, for one-time use. Using the power-up version of Psychoshock, it fires power-up psychic beams at a designated point, which explode in turn, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon in the indicated area of ​​effect.

If you use the enhanced version of Force Vehicle instead, a higher number of waves of psychic power are released. Also, when they hit an opponent, Espeon recovers HP. When upgraded, Espeon does even more damage to opposing Pokémon it targeted with Divination.

Espleon’s UNITE move: Psycho Sun.

When Espeon reaches L.8 in Pokémon UNITE, he learns his Unite move: psychosole. This allows the Pokémon to show off its abilities fully, throwing opponents into the area of ​​effect in the air and using psychic powers to keep them suspended. It then generates a delayed burst explosion, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of ​​effect and knocking them back.

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