One Piece: is Sanji becoming a monster? | Jump Highlights

One Piece returns this week, and Sanji sees his body becoming more and more like that of the hated brothers. Is there any way to go back? Shonen Jump’s other manga shine, especially the news

In the last chapters of One Piece, we witnessed the clash between Sanji e Queen become more and more violent. As the difficulty increases, our cook is revealing an uncommon, completely anomalous resistance: both he and his opponent believe it is Judge’s genes awakening.

As we know, Sanji’s father corrupted the DNA of children at birth, so as to turn them into emotionless war machines. Thanks to the sacrifice of his mother, Sora, Sanji is the only one who is born entirely human instead.

But apparently, the genes that Judge implanted may still be in his body, dormant, and in the process of awakening. Sanji gets scared at the thought of becoming like his brothers, but will that really be what’s happening? And, if so, how can he avoid it? At the moment, the situation is unclear, and we must not rush to conclusions.

Meantime, Killer manages to defeat Hawkins, with a spectacular move, allowing his captain, and the whole alliance, to take another step towards final victory.

One Piece: is Sanji becoming a monster?  |  Jump Highlights

Not only One Piece: other Highlights of Shonen Jump

This week One Piece is back in the pages of the magazine, as it is My Hero Academia to take a break from the epic clash between Star and Stripes and the All for One. The alternation between the flagship titles is allowing other manga to stand out, especially some promising news that have just arrived, or are reaching global notoriety right now. As usual, the magazine can be read in its entirety on the official MangaPlus website.

It certainly stands out among the coolest titles Mashle: Magic and Muscles, which is about to be released in Italy at the end of the month. The work at home has reached chapter 83, with a surprising growth in quality, and the protagonist, Mash, who has made many new friends and is ready to become a Divine Visionary, despite being devoid of magic.

Excellent performance also for The Elusive Samurai, from Yusei Matsui (Assassination Classroom), which is having great success in bringing a time series into a current way. Matsui does not skimp on creating disturbing images even in this last chapter, giving his work a unique cut of its kind.