Samsung’s Expert RAW app arrives on other models: here are which ones

Expert Raw, l'App Samsung per gli appassionati di fotografia thumbnail

Samsung will release his app Expert RAW also on other models, in addition to the launch on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (where it has been in beta since November 2021) and the brand new line of Galaxy S22. In April it should arrive up Galaxy Z Fold3 and to follow on others top in gameto the past years. Here’s when to wait for it to arrive.

The Expert RAW app arrives on other Samsung smartphone models

Mobile photography is making more and more giant strides, not only in the quality of the images on the screen but also in the possibility of complete modifications. The app Expert RAW ha debuttato in beta su Galaxy S21 Ultra, providing Samsung users to take ultra-high fidelity shots.

The result of these shots is a DNG files With the’HDR multi-frame di Samsung applied, on all four cameras of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. This means that users can import the file into Adobe Lightroom to improve the white balance, the colors, the exposure, any other modification interests you. Making full use of the many information that Samsung’s photo sensors are able to capture.

The function, as mentioned, was available in beta on Galaxy S21 Ultra but officially debuted with the new smartphones from Galaxy S22 line. But now Samsung should bring in the stable and official version of Expert RAW on Galaxy S21 Ultra starting March 2022.

Ad April the app should also arrive on the foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Fold3, equipped with a large photographic department. Within the first six months of 2022moreover, it should debut on several other top of the range of the past years. We are talking about the folding Galaxy Z Fold2. But also of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra e Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra 20.

The top of the range of the last two years should therefore receive the app, also because they are the ones who, on behalf of pixels and sensor quality, can really exploit it to the full. For professional shots, even with a smartphone.