Sony will be at the Rome Film Fest 2022 with a dedicated area

Sony sarà alla Festa del Cinema di Roma 2022 con un’area dedicata thumbnail

In view of the imminent Rome Film Fest 2022 – which will be staged at the Ennio Morricone Auditorium from 13 to 23 October – Sony announced that it will be present with a dedicated area for professional photographers and videomakers.

Within the space, the company will arrange technical support and assistance to all professionals present at the event.

Rome Film Fest: Sony renews its commitment to professionals

The initiative is part of a broader calendar of activities that Sony is targeting industry professionals. Attendance at the 17th Rome Film Fest will be assisted by the company’s technical staff. In particular, the Sony Pro Support experts will be available to photographers and videographers, from 13 to 21 October.

Anyone with an accreditation can therefore request support for any firmware updates, equipment control and even the temporary loan of the same, in case of problems with their equipment during the event.

The reserved area will also serve as a showcase to show the new flagship models of the Alpha range. In fact, the various products will be present, from A1 to A9 II and A7S III, as well as cameras from the Cinema Line, FX3 and FX6 range. Photographers and videomakers will also be able to touch the entire range of Sony lenses, which have now reached 70 models.