Tre libri in uscita ad aprile 2023

Three books to be released in April 2023

Three books coming out in April 2023 selected for you, to accompany this first spring period with quality titles. Let’s find out together which books are selected this month

Despite the somewhat undecided weather, we arrived at primavera; a period of awakening, in which nature blossoms joyfully, the days lengthen and one feels like sitting on a park bench to read a good book. So here are 3 books coming out in April 2023 that we’ve selected for your spring TBR.

Summer still burns by Chiara Fina | Books to be released April 2023

A published book Mondadori which tells about Carlottaa thirteen year old who lives a totally regular life in Salento. Emma, on the other hand, is slightly older and his biography is the opposite: he has Irish origins, his parents are musicians and his routine is not exactly regular. Theirs is a strong friendship, a bond that ends suddenly when Carlotta wakes up in a hospital bed, with her body battered by a violence that her mind tries to remove, and which will make her sink into a adult solitude. Even Emma, ​​unfortunately, many years later will experience violence. One day, Emma’s son knocks on Carlotta’s door in search of an answer, which will force the protagonist to put her pieces together.

We feel strongly to recommend this title despite such a strong theme for the beauty of the plot; if you are curious, you can buy it from 11 April.

The shape of ice by Linda Tugnoli

Among the 3 books to be released in April 2023 we point out The shape of the ice by Linda Tugnolimystery edito North Publisher.

The news of the discovery of the mummified remains of a man in the ice ignites the imagination of Guido, raised in the midst of the legends of his territory; his curiosity ends up turning into obsession now that, by chance, he finds himself in his hands a magnificent watch, which almost certainly belonged to that man whose death is shrouded in mystery. The protagonist then travels to Torino to return it to the daughter of the deceased, Leila, an elderly lady, an expert in houseplants, who however does not want the object back. The best way to fuel Guido’s obsession pushes him to leave his house in the Aosta Valley for a few days to travel to the province of Pisawhere in the 1930s there were fascist filmography studios.

If you are a mystery lover, we advise you to book the book in advance, due out on April 14th.

Dark and Heavenly by Marco Malvaldi | Books to be released April 2023

War and an epidemic raged in Europe in the 1600s, ea Firenze the Grand Duke gives indications to limit infections and victims. In this catastrophic situation we see Galileo Galilei appear, who conducts experiments on falling bodies and is about to publish the Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, work written in the vernacular so that everyone can understand its content. But Galileo’s eyesight darkens over time and thoughts of him are put on paper by his daughter Virginiawho took the vows. The scholar’s vision fades like the feeble flame of a burning candle, but his thirst for knowledge is brighter than the stars.

If this book of Marco Malvardiamong the 3 books coming out in April 2023 selected for you, you are curious, it can be in your hands from April 26th.

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