Nebbia Gialla Suzzara Noir Festival torna a febbraio 2023

Yellow Fog Suzzara Noir Festival returns in February 2023

Yellow Fog Suzzara Noir Festival returns to the Mantuan town for its seventeenth edition. 28 guests are expected during the event

Il Yellow Mist Suzzara Noir Festivalinternational event of the yellow and noir literaturecome back again this year from 10 to 12 February 2023; the three days of the festival, arrived at the seventeenth edition, will all be held in the town in the province of Mantua, and the participants will have the opportunity to attend the events and take part in the various activities for free. The appointments will also see a dual modality, with live coverage both on the official website of the festival and on social channels. The new edition will see well 28 guest authorswith names of the caliber of Francesco Abate, Barbara Baraldi e Francis Carofiglio; Yellow Fog Suzzara Noir Festival will open at 21 on 10 February, and then end at 12:15 on the 12th with a speech by Charles Lucarelli.

Yellow Fog Suzzara Noir Festival returns in February 2023

Yellow Mist Suzzara Noir Festival: the story

After its first edition in 2007, the festival has become a crucial event both nationally and internationally, both for authors and authors of the genre and for the many enthusiasts who come from all over the country. The idea comes from the journalist and writer Paolo Roversiartistic director of the event since its inception, with the contribution and organization of the City of Suzzara. Over time, Nebbia Gialla has managed to make itself known to the passionate population of the genre, expanding both in the number of appointments and in the quality of invited guests. During the festival, audiences and writers come together spontaneously, bringing a sense of energy that pervades not only among enthusiasts, but also in the entire citywhich begins to gravitate right around the event.

Yellow Fog is not the only literary event in February; Umbria Libri Love will be held in Terni on the same dates.