Friendship for children: 4 books that talk about it

Friendship for children means getting to know each other, exploring the world and being together. In this article we will list five books that tell the various nuances

Friendship is a feeling and as such it must be cultivated. According to some studies it is even more important than love and represents the first true form of life social in children. Our little ones, for example, when they begin to recognize faces and connect them together, they also begin to prefer one face over another.

When you start talking about friendship | Friendship for children: 4 books that talk about it

It may seem strange, in fact, but the feeling of friendship in children starts from the first months of age. In fact, studies have shown that already around the 8 months they tend to behave differently with known children than with strangers of their age. We can therefore already notice preferences that, with the passage of time, become real friendships, developing solidarity and empathy. The feeling of friendship thus becomes a real school for the social life of our little ones.

Towards i 2-3 years what was previously not recognized by children, because they are too small, as a real feeling, begins to take a different shape. The little ones experience closeness in this way conscious and game sharing.

Towards i 7-8 years instead, they begin to change preferences until they get to choose “the friend of the heart” that is the best friend.

Friendship Books | Friendship for children: 4 books that talk about it

Friends for life: one of the most beautiful and profound. It narrates the vicissitudes of Margherita, in search of his father’s happiness and if it weren’t for his dear friends Giacomino, Gwendolyn e Pasqualino would not know how to do it! Therefore, they will set out on this adventure together, without fear. Will they be able to find it?

Recommended age:3 years

The care of the dormouse: a small story that tells a great friendship and underlines the importance of memories. The dormouse is preparing to go to rest because winter is near but since the lark, his friend, has gone away, he has behaved strangely. Before going into hibernation, he begins to think and the memories return.

Recommended age: 3-5 years

My old friend Oscar: the bond between a child and a stray dog ​​that emphasizes that friendship is not just between human beings. A child meets a little dog on the beach but, remembering his old dog Oscar, he can’t get close to his new friend. Gradually, however, that nameless stray will steal his heart because friendship is strong powers curative.

Recommended age: 4 years

Bella and the gorilla: a sweet story, inspired by the true story of the gorilla Size who spoke sign language. Locked up in a zoo, he feels lonely, so he asks the keepers for help through sign language in order to have a friend.

Recommended age: 3 years

Friendship and education

Friendship is like one map and it must be loved and watered when needed. Plus it is one gym for our little ones that trains them to life, to socialize and to love but also to disappointment and is therefore fundamental for their education and growth. In fact, in addition to training their social skills, it also helps to develop the ability to react to conflicts. Consequently, empathy is strengthened by all of this. So, although it is innate, it is good to educate to friendship and, why not, do it by reading a good book.

How to explain the value of friendship

But how to explain the value of friendship? First of all you need to set up good family relationships as they will be the model and example for the little ones. It would then help create ways and opportunities for them to make friends by encouraging them to invite a classmate or friend over to their home. The key thing, however, is not to interfere in their friendships and to leave them free in managing conflicts.

That’s all for today, we hear from you for the next advice but, in the meantime, enjoy the reading!