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Pixlr, online and free image editor. A delicious alternative to Photoshop

Pixlr is an online service made up of various offers, all related to the world of the image. The main services are a basic editor, an advanced editor and a free clipping service with artificial intelligence. Additional offerings include the Pixlr Mobile editing app, desktop version and Stock by Pixlr.

Each service is mainly free, just register for a free account. There are then two types of subscriptions. The first is Premium with which we can access specific functions along with a good number of online resources; the second is Creative Pack which has the same specifications as Premium and access to the entire Stock by Pixlr archive, which is very large.

The Pixlr home page is the perfect starting point to reach the various services of this platform, in particular the selection of starting template.

Pixlr E, advanced editor

PixlrPixlr E, composition with textures, blends, automatic contouring, text.

The heart is Pixlr E, the advanced editor that manages to effectively replicate the user experience of the reference in the industry: Photoshop. The editor, like all Pixlr offers, works via web browser; the possibilities of the free version are more than enough for most petty and basic creative needs; we can always have a preview of the effects related to paid accounts, to evaluate if we are interested in upgrading. We report the most important aspects:

  • levels: masks, blends, transparency. The management of the masks is different from Photoshop, the layer effects are in the filters section.
  • brushes: size, gradient, opacity, direction, phase, shape preset. Dynamics and some refinements are missing
  • Quill: they are not the paths but creative brushes, very comfortable.
  • Vector shapes: a good choice of textures; it seems it is not possible to change the level later.
  • Focus/Bokeh, subscription function, very pleasant and customizable results
  • Disperse (particle effect), subscription function; very well done, it uses a refined bottom filling system.
  • Liquify, fully operational.
  • Filters: effects library, glitch, various blur / sharpness; layer effects like drop shadow, glow …
  • Adjustments: lights / shadows, levels, curves, vividness .. interesting Auto Pop function for image enhancement.

Pixlr X, creative base editor

PixlrPixlr X

The basic version Pixlr X is an editor with a selection of tools of the advanced version “E”. The choice of tools is not restrictive but cleverly organized to be easier to manage: lots of space for graphic templates, frames, effects. Again, there are both free and paid accounts resources. It is the perfect solution for the most creative moments.

Pixlr BG: automatic contour with AI

PixlrThe options to manually refine the automatic contour.

Pixlr BG is a fantastic service from automatic contour with artificial intelligence. The result is instantaneous and practically perfect. In the very rare case in which the outline presents some imperfections it is possible to make corrections, just click on Optimize; a small panel will open with everything you need: 4 retouching tools, brush management. Basically you are working on a layer mask to refine the image. Once ready, simply download it.

This automatic cropping feature is however available in the two versions of Pixlr E / X. Sometimes it is unable to understand the subject and returns an error since it is based on based on a algorithm that tries to recognize the content of the image, on some subjects it may not yet be able to make correct assessments. Batch processing of numerous images is provided.

Pixlr, image gallery.

A serious alternative to Photoshop

With Pixlr we appreciate the potential of a complete and free software, and then discover the offers alongside the parent company INMAGINE, in particular those linked to the Creative Pack account: images, palettes, stickers and much more that can really speed up a creative process.

Pixrl is a valid editing tool able to satisfy an on-the-fly retouch or a more organic work. In the free version we have the essentials and even a little more. The Premium subscription version can be an alternative to the Adobe ecosystem; the Creative Pack package becomes a more demanding choice, suitable for those who want to take advantage of all the offers proposed by Pixlr.