Publishing houses for children: the best publishers

The field of children’s reading, including fairy tales and fairy tales, is becoming richer and richer. Here is a list of the best publishing houses for children in our opinion

Research from the University of Padua has shown how on sixthousand men born in nine European countries experienced greater job success in those who, in their childhood, had read extensively.

We have already addressed the importance of reading but let’s go now to see what are our tips on publishing houses for children.

List of publishing houses | Publishing houses for children: the best publishers

Since the publishing realities, especially in recent years, have begun to expand more and more and to delve into the world of childhood, those that we will list here are only the best known or most appreciated:

Albe Edizioni:
Relatively young publishing house because it was founded in 2017. It was born with the aim of giving new stories to children and not disappointing them. The editors are experts on the subject due to previous experience and each text is enriched by illustrations.

Ape Junior:
Founded in 1999 specializes in hardcover books for preschool age. In 2005 join the group GeMS.

It offers Italian children one foreign literature. She was born in 1999 in collaboration with a French publishing house and over the years has obtained various prizes and awards including the prize Andersen.

Clavis Publisher Il Castello Group:
Born in 1948, the The Castle Group has been a reality for a long time now. Over the years, various branches have been born, including Clavis Editions which is dedicated to the 0-30 month range.

By Agostini:
Very well known and offers books by scientific publication therefore excellent educationally speaking. It is one of the most important publishing houses for children but, for the older ones, it also offers a series narrative.

Feltrinelli Kids:
You will surely know this, being very well known. It offers a large choice of titles and genres. There is something for everyone!

Joints Kids:
This is for the little ones who can’t read and write but love the stories of good night and the nursery rhymes. There are many proposals and all that remains is to discover them.

For now, our advice ends here, but please keep reading to the little ones and, if you are big, keep reading for you. Hope this little list has helped in some way.

Enjoy the reading!